How can architecture be "cultured"

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April 16, 2019

How can architecture be
Yu Jian
Architecture and culture are closely related, and their relationship has always been of great concern and worthy of discussion. Architecture interprets the culture of a city in a solidified state, and the cultures of different periods bring infinite vitality and energy to buildings in different time and space. The relationship between architecture and culture should also be grasped in specific historical and regional contexts, and we should also consider historical reflection in the relationship between architecture and culture.
On April 16, 2019, Professor Yu Jian from the Department of Architecture at Zhejiang University, as a guest at GLA, shared his profound interpretation of architecture and culture on the topic of "Why Architecture is' Cultural '.".
In the ever-changing world, people have no time to think, no time to summarize, no time to combine architecture with rich culture, and no time to wait for the sedimentation of modern civilization. Therefore, unified standards of architecture occupy our city. Teacher Yu Jian's interpretation of "architecture" and "culture" has opened up a new perspective for us to do architectural design, showing us a higher dimension to view a site and a project. It also reminds us that methods may not be pre prepared before design, but can also be derived from actual interpretation of land parcels.
For the interpretation of a plot, it is not only based on its material form, but also on its historical development, providing additional support for our design, which cannot be obtained through the intuitive perception of the eyes. Not all plots have so much information to decipher, which is a relatively difficult way, and it is also something that Teacher Yu Jian has been persistently doing for over a decade. We can see a belief and sentiment in architectural design from him.