CORE IDEAS, Shinya Kojima

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November 15, 2019

Shinya Kojima
On January 15, 2019, Mr. Nobuyoshi Kojima, founder of Kooo Architects, was a guest at GLA and shared his project practice experience and design insights with us under the theme of "CORE IDEAS".
Looking back at the years since the establishment of Xiaoda Design Firm, I have come into contact with various characters, and the cultural background and local customs of each project also vary greatly. In the process of designing the plan, we also encountered unimaginable taboos and dramatic situations: when designing a hotel on a narrow land in Tokyo, as the design party, we ran through briefing sessions for nearby residents to solve the privacy risks that arose; In a village in China where even radio waves cannot be received, we discussed how to use local technology to build houses with a construction party who cannot understand the drawings in the scorching sun; When setting up mobile building connections required for fashion design exhibitions in the Louvre in France, repeatedly experimenting with trial works
If we summarize these four years in one sentence, it is the four years that have repeatedly tested the resilience of our ideas. We believe that highlighting the core idea has tremendous power, accepting limitations and requirements while advancing the project, and growing together with numerous stakeholders.
The design related to architecture has always been a complex puzzle, but these complex puzzles always have various joyful answers. We have been studying and pursuing diligently, a moment that no one has ever seen before, when the last piece of puzzle happens to be pieced together.