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With the return of the last group of designers from Taiwan's island tour, GLA's annual world collection is nearing its end. As we return from our travels, we still return to work, study, and life, perhaps our lives have not changed as a result. But those unfamiliar roads, beautiful scenery, and interesting people have been deeply engraved in memories, becoming a part of our lives
Strolling in Japan
Japan, a country that is both familiar and unfamiliar, always encounters familiar objects and scenery.
Romantic Island
Designers seem to be more fond of the artistic conception of "facing the sea and wearing warm flowers"
Journey of Civilization
Faced with the greatest miracle of humanity, I cannot help but offer praise that cannot be expressed in any word
Free roundabout
From the beginning to the end of Taiwan, wherever we go, we leave our faint traces wherever we go
For GLA people, the significance of travel is:
Having seen a bigger world has freed me from being confined to the trivialities of life and from being confined to family gossip and gossip.
Let me understand that what I believe to be right may not necessarily be right.
It made me realize that many things that I once thought were particularly important are actually not as important as I imagined.
Make me willing to accept various people's perspectives. This world is colorful because of various sounds.
Let me see that living a colorful or lifeless life depends entirely on your mood and attitude.
Let me believe that if you leave me in any corner of the world, I will fearlessly survive and live a wonderful life.