From "venue" to "place"

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September 4th, 2019

Fan Jiujiang

  A site refers to a place for activities, construction, and testing. For architects, a site is a comprehensive system within the site; Place refers to a specific part of the environment occupied by a specific person or thing, which refers to a specific building or public space where activities take place. The urban environmental space with specific significance formed by the combination of material environment and cultural environment. Urban space can only be called a place after being endowed with specific meanings such as society, history, culture, and human activities.

  Spread out the complex, trivial, intertwined, and misty attributes of the venue in your mind one by one. Using my memory, experience, intelligence, and emotions as catalysts, extract some of the most core things from the fog. I call it atmosphere. Finally, using architectural language, describe the atmosphere as accurately as possible in the form of specific physical spaces. And the place is presented like a "replica without a source".