Yanlu in Xishan, Beijing

Necklace type:

Apartment residential

Floor space:

285224square meter

Year completed:


Project address:



The Yongding plot of this project is located in Mentougou District, Beijing, with a land area of 72401 square meters, an above ground construction area of 202725 square meters, a plot ratio of 2.8, and a unit area of 130-160 square meters for high-rise buildings and 140-165 square meters for multiple floors. The outer perimeter of the site is square and the internal terrain is flat. The future demolition of the high-voltage line on the east side is considered to have no impact. The surrounding parking lot, health station, park, school, and kindergarten facilities are complete, and the main impact area comes from the slight noise interference of the S1 line on the west side of the land.