Yongjing Mountain in Fuyang

Necklace type:

Chinese style villas and high-rise apartments

Floor space:

139701square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Zhejiang Fuyang


This project is located in Shoujiang Town, northeast of Fuyang District, Hangzhou. The site is located to the east of Zhuxian Highway. The design of this project is for the 4 # plot, which has a broad mountain view and a land area of 69365 square meters. The total construction area of the project is 139701 square meters, of which the above ground construction area is 76301 square meters. The architectural design style of this project strives to create high-quality residential buildings with classical composition proportions and rich and exquisite details, under the unified tone of elegant and noble classical Chinese architectural style, forming an overall coordinated yet diverse architectural complex.