Bozhou Rose Garden

Necklace type:

Chinese style courtyard

Floor space:

154983.5square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Anhui Bozhou


This project is located in the southern new area of Bozhou City, south of Boju Road, north of Mudan Road, and west of Xianweng Road. The total land area is 232.475 acres, with a commercial and residential nature. The commercial building area is not more than 20%, and the project planning controls the plot ratio to not exceed 2.2. The plot of this project is roughly shaped in a "T" shape with a narrow south and wide north, and is divided into two parts through the setting of north-south channels. Commercial streets and kindergartens are arranged on both sides of the passage, serving as the living service axis of this project. The northwest plot is square and complete, suitable for creating a completed residential cluster.