Tonglu Yunshan Jiuli

Necklace type:


Floor space:

65941.52 square meter

Year completed:

From 2016 to present

Project address:

Zhejiang Tonglu


This project is located in Tonglu, a county under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The land area is 179202 square meters, with an above ground construction area of 65448 square meters and a plot ratio of 0.37. The project product type is a Chinese style courtyard, with 135 households ranging from 80 to 140 square meters, 131 households ranging from 140 to 200 square meters, and 108 households ranging from 200 square meters to above. The planning and design goal is to create a park with landscape characteristics, create a high-quality living atmosphere, and a community with complete supporting facilities. The individual building adopts a delicate and elegant Chinese architectural style, carefully crafted to optimize the layout, and the uniformity of each layout is a key focus of the design. The public garden in the community uses Chinese gardening techniques to create space, inheriting the spirit of the Chinese organizational pattern. Through the staggered and interwoven construction of individual buildings, different clusters are formed to compare, continue, and penetrate each other. Through human participation, different spatial feelings are generated.