Anji Peach Blossom Spring

Necklace type:


Floor space:

9329.4 square meter

Year completed:

From 2016 to present

Project address:

Zhejiang Anji


This project is located in the central area of Taohuayuan in Mu'anji, with a land area of 38046 square meters and a plot ratio not exceeding 0.3. The main unit area ranges from 130 to 150 square meters. The project planning focuses on low rise residential buildings as the main building type, emphasizing the relationship between building clusters and mountains, striving to maximize the use of the original environment of the site and shape multi-level spatial effects. The project adopts a planning approach of resource utilization, landscape sharing, ecological environment, mountain settlement, and harmonious human and vehicle development. It aims to develop and build into a high-end mountain tourism and vacation community in the form of Chinese style small courtyard residences.