Suzhou Peach Blossom Spring

Necklace type:

Chinese style courtyard

Floor space:

128590square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Jiangsu Suzhou


This project is located at the core of Jinji Lake and Dushu Lake, covering an area of approximately 220000 square meters with a plot ratio of 0.6. Composed of 352 Chinese style compound buildings. The entire community adopts a planning and layout system of buildings arranged along the perimeter of the plot, consisting of point style towers and slab high-rise buildings, forming a central symmetrical enclosure of several central landscape courtyards. The project takes the form of a Chinese style courtyard house, enclosing the courtyard through architecture, corridors, and gray spaces, incorporating rockeries, water features, and plants to provide residents with an elegant and private courtyard life, making the courtyard a living unit that integrates indoor and outdoor elements.