Jinan Quanyun Village Yuyuan

Necklace type:


Floor space:

85800 square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Shandong Jinan


The Haier Green City Full Operation Village project is located in the eastern area of Yujinan, covering an area of over 1200 acres. The planned total above ground construction area is over 1 million square meters, and the property types include high-rise, small high-rise, multi story, property rights style hotels, small standalone and row houses, five-star hotels, commercial properties, etc. Adhering to the three classic products of Green City Hanging Flowers, Lily, and Imperial Garden, the architectural style of the entire area is diverse. Multi story, small high-rise, and high-rise apartments adopt a mild combination of modernism and neoclassicism, with a fresh and elegant overall appearance, comfortable and harmonious; The main color scheme of the facade adopts warm and yellow series, highlighting the texture to the fullest; The facade design is dignified and elegant, simple and unadorned, reflecting the elegance and warmth of high-quality residential buildings.