Mantuo Garden in Lin'an

Necklace type:


Floor space:

91859square meter

Year completed:

2010 present

Project address:

Zhejiang Hangzhou


This project is located in the Qingshan Lake Resort in Lin'an, Hangzhou, adjacent to the main urban area of Lin'an. The project covers a total area of about 260 acres and has a 750 meter long waterfront. It is backed by mountains and forests to nourish the atmosphere, and faces the picturesque blue waves. It is one of the few projects in the Qingshan Lake area that directly faces the lake. The project plans three series: French style courtyard villas, French style detached villas, and lake view mansions, forming a total of about 80 pure French style detached villas. The main unit area of single family villas is about 600-800 square meters (above ground) and 300-350 square meters (above ground). Based on the advantages of the third-generation rose style villas in Greentown, they are characterized by pure, exquisite, and elegant French architecture, integrating ecology, landscape, and culture into a low-density high-end leisure and vacation community.