Dongying Ideal City

Necklace type:

Multi story, high-rise apartments, compound courtyards

Floor space:

547265.89square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Shandong Dongying


Green City Dongying Ideal City is located in Dongying New Area, the largest development in Dongying with a total construction area of 2.6 million square meters and a plot ratio of 1.0-1.3. The project has a wide range of product types, including residential, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, community commerce, nine-year integrated schools, kindergartens, etc. It is the first comprehensive project in Dongying. The southern area of the project is a low rise product, involving both courtyard and group courtyard products. The planning emphasizes the north-south axis, and the buildings are symmetrically arranged according to the terrain axis, with the center enlarged to form a strip shaped landscape center; The North District is a multi story and high-rise cluster, with commercial buildings set up along the side of Xiangshan Road. The multi story and high-rise products naturally form their own clusters, and the green spaces in the cluster and the central green space are interconnected to connect the public activities of residents in each cluster, creating a good living environment of "small residential area large community".