Xixi Deep Blue Center

Necklace type:

R&D office

Floor space:

36778square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Zhejiang Hangzhou


The project is located in Sandun Zijin Science and Technology Innovation Park in Xihu District, located in the West Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Industry Cluster. The project is adjacent to the Zhejiang Hong Kong City Mansion to the east, the natural landscape river to the west, the Zhejiang Urban Forest Project in Zijin Innovation Town to the north, and the Zhejiang University Network New Industry Building to the south. The A3 building in this design is located in the northwest corner of the southern plot, at the southeast corner of the intersection of Xiyuan 3rd Road and Xiyuan 10th Road, and is planned as a standalone office building. The design of this case takes the new trend of joint and shared office as the starting point, with fashion focus, industry benchmark, and urban landmark as the design goals, to create a modern research and development center that integrates ecological community and private office.