Hangzhou Infineon Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Necklace type:


Floor space:

1125square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Zhejiang Hangzhou


This case is located on the north side of the Binjiang Infineon Base Building, with a land area of 45 meters by 25 meters, totaling 1125 square meters. The two distinct black and white blocks of the Infineon base building interlock and interweave with each other. The large glass curtain wall and perforated aluminum panel lines interspersed between give the building a lively and modern atmosphere. This case is an Infineon electric vehicle charging technology promotion demonstration and experimental evaluation station, which also has functions such as personnel rest, equipment debugging, vehicle charging, and technology display. The main body of the building requires standardized production, rapid installation, and meeting the market promotion needs of charging stations.