Guizhou Luodian Plateau Qiandao Lake Ecological Health Culture Tourism Town

Necklace type:

commercial street

Floor space:

49356square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Guizhou Luodian


This case is located east of Luodian County in Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, with a land area of 91101.9 square meters and a plot ratio of 0.54. Single unit design pursues fashion and cultural significance, integrating with the unique geographical environment around it. Grasping the regional characteristics, grasping the main body of traditional culture and modern aesthetic orientation, positioning our design as a modern interpretation of traditional architectural imagery and a modern continuation of traditional aesthetics, we hope to depict the most original Luodian artistic conception, extract traditional Chinese and Guizhou ethnic architectural elements, integrate Luodian's natural landscape, use modern building materials, and combine classic Chinese architectural proportions and compositions, Create a commercial district with strong commercial atmosphere and local characteristics.