Deqing Yingxi Taoyuan

Necklace type:

High rise, multi story, compound courtyard

Floor space:

175502.68square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Zhejiang Huzhou


The planned plot of land for this project is located in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, with a total land area of 92012 square meters and an above ground construction area of 124389.38 square meters. The project consists of 7 buildings with 13 floors, 1 building with 12 floors, 3 buildings with 11 floors, and 2 buildings with 10 floors, including Class 2 high-rise residential buildings, 2 buildings with 6 floors, 8 buildings with 5 floors, 5 buildings with 2 floors, and 1 building with 3 floors, including a kindergarten. The residential building area is 117630.98 square meters, the supporting property management room area is 535 square meters, the ancillary building area is 709 square meters, the commercial area is 2164.4 square meters, and the kindergarten (Class 9) building area is 3200 square meters; The underground construction area is 47589.09 square meters, for underground parking.