Hangzhou Shuangpu Subway Countryside Town

Necklace type:

Subway Overcover Property

Floor space:

Phase I covers an area of 350000 square meters above ground and 280000 square meters underground

Year completed:


Project address:

Zhejiang Hangzhou


The base of this case is located in the area above the maintenance section of the terminal subway of Line 6 and the surrounding related plots of the planned Shuangpu South Station. Shuangpu Unit is the main ecological protection area, water source conservation protection area, and urban ecological green belt in Hangzhou. There are many constraints on construction and development, and the socio-economic development is relatively slow. Major transportation projects such as Metro Line 6 have brought new opportunities to the unit transportation system. Combining the local characteristics of Shuangpu and the subway transportation system, we hope to create a vibrant and charming Shuangpu rural subway town.

At the planning level, propose a "one center, two axes" planning structure. "One Heart" refers to the core of Shuangpu Town, which serves as the commercial center and public service center supporting Shuangpu Town; The "two axes" refer to the north-south axis of life and commerce, and the east-west axis of culture and art.