Xi'an Junma Village Subway Overcover Project

Necklace type:

Subway Overcover Property

Floor space:

651849.7square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Shaanxi Xi'an


The project is located in the suburbs of the city, on the east side of the core Port Avenue in the International Port Area. It belongs to the half hour economic circle of the city and is only 500 meters away from the regional administrative center Port Area Management Committee. It has the advantage of a core area in the region, stretching from Xiangdong Road in the north, to Gangwu Middle Road in the west, to Gangwu South Road in the south, and to the G5 Beijing Kunming Expressway in winter. The overall planning pattern of "one axis and three cores": one axis - a commercial landscape axis with a total length of 813m, consisting of a three-dimensional commercial street and landscape; Three core - a commercial landscape node located at the endpoint and midpoint of the axis, connecting various functional clusters.