Fangshan Campus of Nanjing Foreign Language School

Necklace type:

Educational architecture

Floor space:

226859 square meter

Year completed:

Jiangsu Nanjing

Project address:


The Fangshan Campus Project of Nanjing Foreign Language School is located between Hongjing Avenue and Fangshan Scenic Area in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, with a land area of 233646 square meters and a plot ratio of 0.84. The campus planning of this case takes the integration and symbiosis of human and nature, architecture and landscape as the starting point, and revolves around the design concept of "school square city". On the basis of following the planning concept of separating teaching, life, and sports, and drawing on advanced campus design ideas at home and abroad, In accordance with the design goal of designing a globally leading third-generation school and building a first-class university in China, we are committed to creating a green, ecological, harmonious, and atmospheric campus atmosphere, and creating a modern, information-based, academic, international, personalized, and intelligent new campus that reflects both traditional culture and contemporary atmosphere. The campus architecture is based on an elegant, humanistic, and rational campus, with dark red tiles and warm white stones as the main materials, creating a more classic and timeless architectural form and language that can withstand the test of the times. The harmonious and diverse architectural vocabulary of each department reflects the temperament and characteristics of children and students of different age groups.