Wencheng Forest Oxygen Bar Town Urban Living Room

Necklace type:


Floor space:

10812.8square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Zhejiang Wenzhou


The project is located in Xikeng Town, Wencheng County, Wenzhou City, with a land area of 8978 square meters, an above ground building area of 5297 square meters, and a plot ratio of 0.59 As a window to showcase the image of the town and guide the overview of the town, the design starting point comes from the abstraction of the forest intention, abstracting the natural forest into a tree like structure, and the entire building is like an artificial forest in the forest. The support of the tree like structure conforms to the oracle bone script of "wen" in form, and echoes the diamond grid pattern in the traditional handmade woven ribbons of the local She ethnic group, reflecting a contemporary interpretation of local cultural connotations. The building adopts a continuous folding roof form that harmoniously coexists with the local residential form. The overhanging eaves around the building are the abstraction and simplification of the arch of wooden architecture prototype and the inheritance and expression of the traditional architectural form.