Station Jiangcheng Road

Necklace type:

Subway cover

Floor space:

11140 square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Jiangcheng Road Station is an important subway station along the North South Historical and Cultural Corridor, and is the closest subway station to the Hefang Street Scenic Area. There is still a gap of about 600 meters between the current situation and the Hefang Street scenic area. It is hoped that through the redesign of the site, this extension section can be activated, and the advertising space can be integrated into the cultural corridor. A three-dimensional ecological slow-moving system can be built, and urban park landscapes can be introduced to provide public activity space for surrounding communities. Traditional language symbols can be extracted and applied in the design, respecting the cultural atmosphere of the site, Creating cultural internet celebrity check-in points, embedding smooth and accessible open commercial platforms, setting up art exhibition areas, guiding upward flow of people, and activating upper level commerce