Chongqing Peach and Plum Spring Breeze

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Floor space:

26700 square meter

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This project is located in the Longshui Lake International Tourism Resort in Dazu, Chongqing. The resort is located in the central area of the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Belt, within the scope of Chongqing's "One Hour Economic Map". The spatial structure and functional zoning of the resort are composed of four areas: one heart, one ring, and one center (the core of dragon culture). The first ring is the Longshui Lake leisure and sports ring, and the four areas are the tourism comprehensive service area, lakeside hot spring health area, Guanyin culture experience area, and fashionable leisure area. The project takes the form of Chinese style small courtyard residential buildings, with a clear hierarchical landscape system centered around streets, creating a garden style community as a whole, striving to develop and build into a high-end vacation community with value and quality.