Wuhan Fengqi and Le Ming

Necklace type:

Floor space:

200400 square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Wuhan, Hubei Province


The project is located in the northwest of Huashan Ecological New City, with a total land area of 99185 square meters. The high-rise residential building in this case adopts a simple and lively modern style, with a symmetrical center and coordinated proportions in a three section design. The facade material is mainly light colored aluminum panels, emphasizing horizontal lines, weakening vertical height, and reducing the pressure of the high-rise building on the surrounding environment. The stacked residential building adopts a modern Republican style, with a rooftop terrace and a facade mainly made of light colored real stone paint. The door and window openings and railings are decorated with details of imitation wood colored aluminum panels, which are simple and elegant.