Wuhan Huashan Primary and Secondary School

Necklace type:

Floor space:

23680 square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Wuhan, Hubei Province


The school is located to the north of Donghu High tech Zone in Wuhan City, at the intersection of the "One River, Three Lakes". It is a densely populated urban area in the "Wuhan Hubei Yellow River" urban belt, the eastbound axis of the Wuhan urban agglomeration, and an urban development zone in the eastern part of Wuhan City. The school is located on the west side of Fengqi Leming residential area in Huashan, Greentown, with abundant natural resources in the surrounding area. It is a key supporting campus serving the high-tech industry of Optics Valley. The project background and location environment determine the unique environmental atmosphere of the campus. Our vision is to create a modern, simple, sculptural, and ecological amusement park. We hope to create a poetic modernist aesthetic campus and create a simple, dynamic, and lively spatial atmosphere.