Headquarter of Topsystems

Necklace type:

Floor space:

121244 square metres

Year completed:


Project address:

Hangzhou, Zhejiang


The project is located in the core area of Zijingang Science and Technology City in the northwest corner of Hangzhou's main urban area, which covers the West Lake Science and Technology Park, the Cloud Valley Town and the Zijin Zongchuang Town (including Zijin Gang Campus of Zhejiang University), and is generally positioned as a high-tech industrial agglomeration area in the future science and technology innovation corridor on the west side of Hangzhou City. The project adopts the architectural form of twin towers, with horizontal skin texture of glass curtain wall, combined with the relationship of step-by-step backstage, forming a distinctive landmark in the block. The building focuses on ecology, science and technology, and the future, creating an innovative, ecological and future-oriented production, research and development smart building.