Deqing Youthful Treasure Industrial Park Phase II

Necklace type:

Floor space:

95,000 square metres

Year completed:


Project address:

Huzhou, Zhejiang


The project is located in Huzhou Moganshan Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in the eastern biomedical industrial park site, the land is four-sided rectangular, the north side of the completed phase I building, the second phase of the main function of the two production workshops and R & D building. The design is a double L-shaped layout: the two production workshops and the R&D building are each in an L-shaped layout and form a semi-enclosed state, while the R&D building and the R&D office building adopt the concept of "sandwich" vertical zoning, with different functions belonging to each floor, and different spaces can be conveniently and efficiently accessed through the multiple vertical traffic bodies.