Wuhan Fengqi Tinglan

Necklace type:

Super high-rise apartments

Floor space:

356773square meter

Year completed:


Project address:

Hubei Wuhan


The project site is located in Hanyang District, Wuhan City, in the eastern part of the Four New City Sub center, adjacent to the Wuhan International Expo Center. It is an important location for showcasing the image of the Yangtze River main axis to the outside world. The project is divided into E4 and E5 plots, with a planned net land area of 78633 square meters, an above ground construction area of 356773 square meters, and an underground construction area of 116760 square meters. The location of this case has convenient transportation and extremely high regional value, with the first line facing the river and adjacent to the Hanyang River beach. The landscape resources are superior and it has an excellent view of the river. Located adjacent to the National Expo, the overall layout is based on the main and secondary axes of urban design, coordinated with the architectural style along the river composed of the National Expo, Wuhan Center, and Green Center, creating a regional iconic architectural image through curved shapes.