Jiaxing Future Community

Necklace type:

Floor space:

608624 square metres

Year completed:

2021 onwards

Project address:

Jiaxing, Zhejiang


The project is located at the edge of the ancient city of Zhapu, Jiaxing, with Jiulong Mountain and Hangzhou Bay to the south, facing the mountains and the sea and the ancient city. The project consists of a new construction part and a flower-inserted renovation part. The design concept is to "integrate the ancient city's cultural lineage, renew the urban status quo, and create a shared community". In the modern design, the living scale of the ancient city, the street space and the scene of small bridges and flowing water are integrated; in the urban renewal, new weather is brought to the street and the existing community; and in the future community creation, more vitality and open social space are emphasised. The dual-core, two-axis and three-ribbon planning structure closely integrates the old and new residential clusters and weaves together the city.